Electronic And Electrical

The electronics industry has an ever-expanding and qualified range of products.

Phone, computer, video, televisions, hi-fi and much more is offered to consumers. Dominant features are speed, evolution, precision and  shape study.

Also included in the electricity field are technology, aesthetics and innovation.

In this area we have low-voltage electrical equipment for residential, urban, working and production spaces, designed with different solutions for power distribution, communication (intercoms, video, data) and for light control, audio, climate and security. These devices combine technical and functional characteristics, with special attention to the overall design.

F.T.FAMAT serves these industries with passion and dedication, offering its own know-how that is always up with the times providing the most advanced technological solutions.

Here below you will see some examples of sealings performed in the Electric and Electronic field. To find other examples of our know-how in this field (such as machines for assembly, driving, testing, dispensing, ... and much more) visit our website section: "Applications".


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