In this section you will find and download some technical details and insights about latest cooperations with our partners.

Blue Laser Profilometers LJ - V7000 Keyence

Succeeding in dispensing and distributing a silicone bead on motor parts destined for the automotive sector with an ambitious goal: to achieve the highest possible precision and process control capability. The goal was achieved by F.T. Famat, systems integrator of San Benigno Canavese, in the province of Turin, which designs and builds special automation systems for several industrial sectors.

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Precise welding with ultrasonics

FT. FAMAT is a specialised automotive custom plant constructor located close to Turin. In collaboration with TELSONIC AG, the company built, in the north Italian factory for the IMR Group, a plant which produces both the front and the rear bumpers for the Maserati GranTurismo models through a fully automated process.

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Comau Smart NJ60 - Sealing Systems

If you would like to find out more about our supplying systems we are sure that you will appreciate the following content.

You will find a video realized in cooperation with Comau S.p.a. where you can see one of our supplying plants for the dispensing of Penguin Foam.

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Bet on investments

The hystory of many companies teaches that to possess the best technologies of your sector has its advantages in terms of profit and customers.

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In this section it is possible to download our business presentations in which you will find pictures and details about the technologies we employ. 

Presentazione F.T. Famat S.r.l. - ITA - Automazioni speciali

Presentazione F.T. Famat S.r.l. - ITA - L'arte della schiumatura

Business Presentation F.T. Famat S.r.l. - ENG - Special automation

Business Presentation F.T. Famat S.r.l. - ENG - The art of foaming

Åžirket Tanıtım F.T. Famat S.r.l. - TRY - Özel Otomasyonlar

Presentación de la empresa F.T. Famat S.r.l. - SPA - Automatizaciones especiales

Presentación de la empresa F.T. Famat S.r.l. - SPA - El arte de la Espuma


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